Dr. Jivan Joti Kaur is a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor with 35 years experience teaching Kundalini Yoga, meditation and the science of humanology – conscious living. Her passion is sharing invaluable tools for your personal and professional life. She is a Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, a coach, and a friend.

Upcoming workshops!

Dying Into Life
August 11-12, 2012

Death and loss are universal experiences, which we all experience in our lives. With this training, we can help others in their own transformative journey and prepare ourselves to view and respond to these tragedies with more grace and inner serenity.
More about Dying Into Life here.


Healing the Wounds of the Heart
Date: To be announced

In the course of life, relationships change. If we are attached to our relationships as they were, we will be stuck in our pain. But we can keep our bodies and minds flexible to change and transformation, and these relationships are not lost, they are just different. This one day course teaches us that with change, tremendous blessings and gifts can come if we have the eyes to see them.
More about Healing the Wounds of the Heart here.




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