Dr. Jivan Joti has been counseling others for much of her life.  It was only after her children were away at school that she decided to go back to graduate school and get a Masters and PhD degree in counseling.  Dr. Jivan Joti utilizes many techniques in her sessions, depending upon the abilities, needs and interests of the client.  When ever possible, she incorporates breathing, yoga, and meditation techniques along with talk therapy.

Dr. Jivan Joti has noticed that with every emotional condition, there is usually a physical complaint and vice versa. For this reason, she also uses Sat Nam Rasayan healing modalities to help reduce any resistance and to assist the physical and emotional healing process. Occasionally she uses Sat Nam Rasayan to induce a trance state to unlock deeper subconscious patterns.


Dr. Jivan Joti treats many populations – couples, individuals, families, children, and seniors.  She feels comfortable working with addiction, grief and loss, relationship issues, spiritual emergence, sexual issues and any physical ailment.

If you would like a session in person, over the phone or by email, contact her at

“Your sessions have impacted every facet of my life from nutrition to interpersonal relationships to spirituality, and encouraged me to make some important choices in my life.  I feel they helped me to wake up and get back on track.  So thanks for your guidance and support.” Wendy 

“When I ruptured a disk in my back and was in severe pain, Jivan Joti’s Sat Nam Rasayan treatments were essential to my healing process.  She got me out of the pattern of severe pain and helped me clear a lot of the emotional trauma of the injury. Her practical grounded advice and years of experience as a therapist also contributed greatly to my healing process.” Japa

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