Fall Sat Nam Rasayan Classes
Next sessions Nov 10, 17; Dec 1 & 8, 2016
Thursday Evenings – 5:30 to 8:30pm
Location: 65 E Sombrillo (Jivan Jot Kaur’s home)
Fee: Suggested donation of $10 to $20. Discounts available

This classes will include the Level 2 Modalities and new materials learned at the latest Mt. Shasta Retreat 2016 with Guru Dev Singh. All welcome! Whatever your ability, you will benefit from this classes. You can join at any time.

Dying Into Life
May 17-18, 2014

Death and loss are universal experiences, which we all experience in our lives. With this training, we can help others in their own transformative journey and prepare ourselves to view and respond to these tragedies with more grace and inner serenity.

The experience of death and loss are never convenient, and everyone responds to them differently. For some, death is an ending, a tragedy, a wall of sorts; for others, it is a beginning, a door or an opportunity for tremendous personal growth and transformation.  With training, we can help others in their own transformative journey and prepare ourselves to view and respond to these tragedies with more grace and inner serenity.

This workshop/training is based on an ancient Eastern spiritual orientation of death and loss, conducive to any religious or non-religious tradition. We will explore how life and death are experienced each moment of our lives. Your experience will include some simple relaxing and energizing chair exercises (can be done on the floor as well), mindful meditation (including the use of breath, sound, the gong, and hand positions), instructor-based lectures, whole and small group discussions, and expressions through art mediums. We will actually practice the process of dying, using ancient and safe meditations and visualization.

Who should attend this powerful and transformative workshop/training?

  • Social workers, nurses*,  and Counselors, working with death, grief and loss issues
  • Healers of all disciplines
  • Hospice Volunteers
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Anyone who might help someone else die, i.e. family member, friend
  • Anyone who wants to die with grace and peace

What you will receive from this workshop/training.

-         You will receive tools to help yourself, clients, students, friends, and family members faced with death/loss issues.

  • You will understand what your role realistically and effectively can be in such situations.
  • The typical mystery and mystic around death will be changed.
  • We will explore concepts like, reincarnation, karma vs. dharma, liberation while alive, angels, and suicide.
  • You will understand and experience death in a different, expanded way, based on Eastern Traditions.
  • We will explore the 5 ethers experienced at the time of death and crossing the earth’s magnetic field.
  • An expanded version of the stages of death and loss, to include “spirits merging” will be presented and explored.

Special Yogic Philosophy and Technology Presentation and Experience

On Sunday afternoon, Dr. Jivan-Joti will include an additional session to include ancient yogic teachings from the Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan. You will learn how the Eight Chakras and the Ten Bodies are affected at the time of death. You will learn how to use your prana (Divine Energy), effectively directing the soul up the Chakras and out the top Tenth Gate at the time of death.  You will learn Pran Sutras (Sanskrit based mantras) to help guide the soul to liberation. To conclude, you will combine all of this knowledge to have a life-transforming death experience.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity.


Mat for the floor, if you want to do exercises on the floor and pillow for meditation. Wear comfortable clothes. An open heart.

Course Specifics:

Saturday May 17 – 9:00am-5:30pm
Sunday May 18 –9:00am-4:30pm

14.5 CEUs for Counselors and Social Workers
14.5 CNEs for Nurses

Location: Espanola

Cost: by April 1 – $108 – after $154.
$80 Students - Special Discounts available upon Presenter’s approval.

Both lunches will be a potluck, tea and light snacks will be served.

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Dying Into Life Workshop



Dr. Jivan Joti is available to teach workshops in various topics, including:

- Level I Aquarian Teacher Training (All topics, especially Humanology)

- Level II Aquarian Teacher Training (Certified to teach all 5 Modules)

- Sat Nam Rasayan Healing (SNR) – Approved to teach Level I and II. Can help students get ready for testing with Guru Dev Singh, Master of SNR.

- The Art of Making Sex Sacred – 1-3 day workshops for couples or singles. Based on the book.

- Dying Into Life – 1-2 day workshops for any population, which gives an expansive perspective of death and loss. Based on the book.

- Dying Into Life Training Program – 2-day training on how to prepare oneself and others to welcome the transition into death with grace and dignity.

Workshops Testimonials

“I always look forward to attending your courses, because when I leave I feel rejuvenated, motivated and at peace with myself.  It seems that it is the only time that my mind is clear and when I am the most confident with myself as a person and as a woman.  I am learning to become more independent and self-sufficient. I am becoming the person I want to be.”  Stephanie 

“You’ve been a wonderful teacher, giving me the ability to strengthen my physical and emotional wellbeing. More importantly, you’ve managed to awaken my heart, open my eyes, and let my spirit fly.  Thank you.”  Thyrra 

“Physical and spiritual practice is a gift, an opportunity for renewal, for perspective, something that reminds me of the expanse of living and a taste of the Infinite within each moment, a sense sometimes dulled by the events of a day and my reaction to them.  Some sanity is now returning.”  Marc 

If you are interested in inviting Dr. Jivan Joti to your area, contact her at


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